"A handful!" "delicious!" "an experience" - these are just a few ways people describe Huegels' preservative-free cookies. But what makes Huegels so unique?

Put simply, it's the shape; an originally constructed mound that has no shortage of flavor. And even though this is one seriously thick cookie, it is consistently baked through out to ensure every bite is as enjoyable as the last: uncomplicated, unmatched, and unmistakable.

The simplicity of Huegels can be seen throughout our company, from the use of every-day ingredients all the way to our founding story. Being cookie lovers, we wanted a cookie that simply tasted delicious, didn't break apart as it was pulled out of its packaging, and had some of the good stuff in every bite (if you love cookies like we do, you know exactly what we mean!).

Tired of searching for the perfect cookie, we decided to fine-tune the recipe we had been using for years. Some batches later....we constructed what we believed to be an amazing cookie, and Huegels was born!

Try them for yourselves and see why we are so crazy about them!


You can also find Huegels in these locations:

Blue Moon Gift Shops  203 Racine Drive, Wilmington, NC

Cast Iron Kitchen  8024 Market Street, Wilmington, NC

Julia's Florist  900 S Kerr Avenue, Wilmington, NC

SpoonFed  1930 Eastwood Road, Wilmington, NC

The Workshop  86 Waynick Boulevard, Wrightsville Beach, NC